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TACRClientInfo type


TACRClientInfo indicates the client connection parameters.




TACRSessionID = Integer;

TACRClientInfo = packed record
Host: String;
Port: Integer;
Application: String;
DatabaseName: String;
DatabaseFileName: String;
SessionID: TACRSessionID;

TACRClientInfoArray = array of TACRClientInfo;


TACRClientInfo type describes the parameters of client session connected to the server.
Host is a host name or IP address of the client machine.
Port is a port number used by client session.
Application is a name of the client application.
DatabaseName is a name of the remote database to which client is connected.
DatabaseFileName is a database file name and path of the remote database to which client is connected.
SessionID is a unique identifier of the client session on server. Each client session automatically gets its ID when connecting to the server.

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