Accuracer: The First And Only Cross-Platform BDE Replacement
Client-Server Single-File Embedded Database with SQL for Delphi / C++Builder / Kylix


Creates a database backup file.

procedure Backup(const BackupFileName: String);

Call Backup to create a backup file for the database associated with the database component.
BackupFileName is a name of the backup file that wil be created.
Backup can be used only with local database.
Use BackupParams property to set the backup file parameters.

You can use Restore method to extract database file from the backup file.
You can get information about the backup file by calling GetBackupInfo.
Call IsAccuracerBackupFile method to learn if the file is a backup file of Accuracer database.
Call IsAccuracerBackupFileCryptoParamsValid to check if the backup BackupParams.CryptoParams are valid for the backup file.

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