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TACRTable   Example

Exports a table to any other table or dataset.

function ExportTable(DestinationTable: TDataset; CreateTablePointer: TProcedure; var Log: String): Boolean; overload;
function ExportTable(DestinationTable: TDataset; CreateTablePointer: TProcedure): Boolean; overload;

Exports a table from the Accuracer format to any dataset.
If succeed returns True and Log = '', otherwise the error message will be stored in a Log variable.
DestinationTable is a dataset or a table to export to.
CreateTablePtr is a pointer to the global procedure where create table method or its anlaog is called.

Note:The process of export may take a long time if you work with large table. You may set the OnProgress event handler to provide the user with a feedback about the progress of the slow process or to cancel the process.  

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