Accuracer: The First And Only Cross-Platform BDE Replacement
Client-Server Single-File Embedded Database with SQL for Delphi / C++Builder / Kylix


Repairs a disk table.

function RepairTable(var Log: String; UseLowLevelTableAccess: Boolean = False;
NewDatabase: TACRDatabase = nil): Boolean; overload;
function RepairTable(UseLowLevelTableAccess: Boolean = False): Boolean; overload;


Repairs a disk table associated with the TACRTable component.
RepairTable returns true if table was repaired successfully.
If some data was lost during the repair process variable Log will containt errors log.
If the table cannot be repaired try to run RepairTable with UseLowLevelTableAccess to true - this is alternative method of repairing the table without using TACRTable component.
NewDatabase specifies if recovered table should be created in another database, generally used by RepairDatabase.

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