Delphi / C++Builder Streaming Compression Library
with Strong Encryption


Sets an initial vector for the encryption and decryption processes.

Delphi syntax:
SetInitVector(Vector: Pointer);

C++ syntax:
void __fastcall
SetInitVector(void * Vector);

Call SetInitVector to specify new initial vector for the encryption and decryption.
Initial vector influences encryption and decryption processes, so you should use the same initial vector for encryption and decryption.
You can generate a random initial vector using MakeRandomInitVector method.
You can read MaxInitVectorSize property to get the maximum size of InitVector you need to generate new initial vector.

Note: SetInitVector call does not set UseInitVector to True. You must set UseInitVector to True if you would like to encrypt a database using the vector you set, not the default initial vector.

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