Delphi / C++Builder Streaming Compression Library
with Strong Encryption


Compresses and/or encrypts binary data.

Delphi syntax:
procedure CompressBuffer(InBuf: PChar; InSize: Integer; out OutBuf: PChar; out OutSize: Integer);

C++ syntax:
void __fastcall
CompressBuffer(char * InBuf, int InSize, /* out */ char * &OutBuf, /* out */ int &OutSize);

CompressBuffer compresses and/or encrypts binary data. You can decompress data by calling DecompressBuffer.
Compression settings are specified by CompressionAlgorithm and CompressionMode properties.
Encryption settings are specified by CryptoParams property.
InBuf - pointer to source data
InSize - size of source data in bytes
OutBuf - pointer to compressed data. OutBuf is allocated by GetMem call. You should free it by calling FreeMem.
OutSize - size of the compressed data in bytes.

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