Delphi / C++Builder Streaming Compression Library
with Strong Encryption


Creates a TCPSCryptoPressStream object and adds it to streams list.

Delphi syntax:
function CreateCryptoPressStream(
BaseStream: TStream;
CreateNewStream: Boolean = False;
FreeBaseStream: Boolean = True;
Header: PChar = nil;
HeaderSize: Integer = 0
): TCPSCryptoPressStream;

C++ syntax:
TCPSCryptoPressStream* __fastcall CreateCryptoPressStream(
Classes::TStream* BaseStream,
bool CreateNewStream = false,
bool FreeBaseStream = true,
char * Header = (void *)(0x0),
int HeaderSize = 0x0);

Creates a TCPSCryptoPressStream object and adds it to Streams list.
Compression settings are specified by CompressionAlgorithm and CompressionMode properties.
Encryption settings are specified by CryptoParams property.
Parameters will be passed to stream constructor.

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