MsgCommunicator: Delphi Instant Messaging (IM) SDK
for easy creation of custom messenger system


Occurs when a new stream or its next portion arrives.

type TMsgOnReceiveStream = procedure (
      const FromUserID, StreamID:       Cardinal;
      const SendingDate, DeliveryDate:    TDateTime;
      FullSize:            Int64;
      BlockSize, BlockNo, Blocks:       Integer;
      Directly:            Boolean
                ) of object;

OnReceiveStream: TMsgOnReceiveStream;

OnReceiveStream occurs when the client receives request from other client which starts stream sending or successive portion of stream received.

FromUserID is an unique identifier of the sender.
StreamID is an unique identifier of the stream.
SendingDate - date and time when stream was sent.
DeliveryDate - date and time when stream was delivered.
FullSize - size of the stream in bytes.
BlockSize - maximum size (in bytes) of one block (latest block can be less).
BlockNo - number of current block (starting from 0). Can be equal to -1 that means initial request for sending which does not contain stream data.
Blocks - number of blocks the stream will be split in transmission.
Directly - True means direct transmission from client, False means sending thru server.

Received blocks are stored in the folder specified by IncomingPath property.

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