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Contains database settings.


TMsgDatabaseMySQL is the MsgCommunicator database component (TMsgDatabase descendant) based on MySQL database.
It can be used for searching and storing user data and message history.
TMsgDatabaseMySQL provides two method of establishing connection to the MySQL database server:
- using MySQL ODBC driver and BDE (property Database);
- using MySQL dbExpress driver (property SQLConnection).
If you need another method of MySQL connection or other database, please contact us at

Look at Databases\MySQL demo for example of client and server applications built with MsgCommunicator Accuracer Database Module.

You should install the following products to use this component:
- MsgCommunicator v.2.00 and higher;
- MsgCommunicator MySQL Database Module (available at
for additional price);
- Temporary Table Component via SQLMemTable (can be downloaded from
for free) - if you need to search in server message history from client.

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