SQLMemTable: BDE Alternative Embedded
In-Memory Database with SQL for Delphi / C++Builder


Exports table to SQL script.

function ExportTableToSQL(
ExportStructure:      Boolean = True;
AddDropTableCommand:   Boolean = True;
ExportIndexes:      Boolean = True;
AddDropIndexCommand:   Boolean = False;
ExportData:         Boolean = True;
ExportBLOBFields:      Boolean = True;
UseBracketsForNames:   Boolean = False
): String;


Exports table to SQL script. Returns result SQL script.

ExportStructure determines if table structure should be exported (CREATE TABLE statement).
AddDropTableCommand determines if DROP TABLE command should be added before CREATE TABLE.

ExportIndexes determines if indexes should be exported (CREATE INDEX statement).
AddDropIndexCommand determines if DROP INDEX command should be added before CREATE INDEX.

ExportData determines if records should be exported (INSERT statement).
ExportBLOBFields determines if BLOB fields data should be exported.

UseBracketsForNames determines if table, field and index names should be in square brackets (for special symbols and special names).

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