SQLMemTable: BDE Alternative Embedded
In-Memory Database with SQL for Delphi / C++Builder


Saves a in-memory table's data to an external file.

procedure SaveToFile(FileName: String; CompressionAlgorithm: TCompressionAlgorithm = caNone; CompressionMode: Byte = 0; BlockSize: Cardinal = 0);

Call SaveToFile to write an in-memory table's data to an external file for later use by this or other in-memory table.

FileName is the name of the external file to use. If the file already exists, its current contents are overwritten.
CompressionAlgorithm specifies algorithm used to compress data file.
CompressionMode determines compression level. If CompressionAlgorithm <> caNone then CompressionMode parameter value must be in 1..9 range.
BlockSize is a size of data blocks used by compression.

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