SQLMemTable: BDE Alternative Embedded
In-Memory Database with SQL for Delphi / C++Builder


Saves an in-memory table's data to a stream.

procedure SaveToStream(Stream: TStream; CompressionAlgorithm: TCompressionAlgorithm = caNone; CompressionMode: Byte = 0; BlockSize: Cardinal = 0);

Call SaveToStream to write an in-memory table's data to a stream for later use by this or other in-memory table.
Stream is the name of an existing stream to write to.
CompressionAlgorithm specifies algorithm used to compress data file.
CompressionMode determines compression level. If CompressionAlgorithm <> caNone then CompressionMode parameter value must be in 1..9 range.
BlockSize is a size of data blocks used by compression.

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