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BLOB fields compression
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One of the advanced features of EasyTable is ability to compress data in BLOB fields.
It may be useful when you need to store rich text files, bmp images or other large amounts of data in the table.

How it works

BLOB fields compression is completely transparent, so all that you need to do is to set the BlobCompression property to one of the following values:

there is no compression   
required memory: about 64Kb
fastest compression
required memory: about 64Kb
normal compression
required memory: about 20Mb
maximal compression
required memory: about 50Mb

If you set BlobCompression property before creating a table, the value of this property will be stored in database file and used by default in all operations with BLOBs.
BlobCompression property value is retrieved from the table when opening table is performed.
If you want to change BlobCompression in existing table, you must perform
Restructure table operation.

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