EasyTable: Single-File Embedded Database,
a BDE replacement for Delphi and C++Builder

Differences from TTable

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Main differences:

·   All tables in single OS file  
·   Database file modes: dfmCompact, dfmNormal, dfmLarge  
·   Supported data types  
·   Maximum records quantity: ~ 2^32  
·   Maximum fields per table: ~ 2^31  
·   Maximum indexes per table: ~ 2^31  
·   Maximum index fields per index: ~ 2^31  
·   Maximum field name: 253 characters  
·   BLOB fields block size: > 10 bytes, default 512  
·   BLOB compression: compression modes-clNone, clFastest, clDefault, clMax  
·   Table encryption: AES (Rijndael) 256 bit key, with CRC  
·   Repair table facilities  
·   Restructure table  
·   Progress indication for potentially slow processes  
·   Unicode support  
·   In-Memory tables and databases  

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Features listed below are not implemented yet.
·   Lock/Unlock methods  

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