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Specifies the text of the current filter for a dataset.

property Filter: String;

Use Filter to specify a dataset filter. When filtering is applied to a dataset, only those records that meet a filter's conditions are available to an application. Filter contains a string describing the filter condition. For example, the following filter condition displays only those records where the State field is 'CA' or 'MA':

State = 'CA' or State = 'MA'

When a filter is set, Blank records do not appear unless explicitly included in the filter. For example:

State <> 'CA' or State is NULL

Filter expressions on remote SQL tables and on client datasets support field comparisons. For example:

Field1 > Field2

Field comparisons are not supported.

The FilterOptions property controls case sensitivity and filtering on partial comparisons.

   Applications can set Filter at runtime to change the filtering condition for a dataset (for example, in response to user input).

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