EasyTable: Single-File Embedded BDE Replacement
Database for Delphi and C++Builder


Occurs when a table is rebuilding its indexes.

TBuildIndexesProgressEvent = procedure (Sender: TEasyDataset;PercentDone: Real; bStart,bFinish: Boolean) of object;  
property OnProgress: TBuildIndexesProgressEvent;

OnBuildIndexesProgress occurs during rebuilding indexes process which may be caused by the corruption of index file for example. OnBuildIndexesProgress allows applications to provide the user with a feedback about the progress of the rebuildinig indexes process.

The Sender indicates a TEasyTable component which indexes are being rebuilt.

The PercentDone parameter is an approximation of how much of the operation has completed. Use PercentDone to update the position of a progress bar or other indicator.

The bStart parameter is True in case of the beginning of the process and False in all other calls.

The bFinish parameter is True in case of the final of the process and False in all other calls.

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