EasyTable: Single-File Embedded BDE Replacement
Database for Delphi and C++Builder

TEasyTable   Example

Changes the database table structure and some table parameters.

procedure RestructureTable(NewEncrypted: Boolean; NewPassword: String; NewBLOBBlockSize: Integer; NewBLOBCompression: TCompressionLevel);

Restructures the database table associated with this table component and changes some of its parameters.
You should modify RestructureFieldDefs and/or RestructureIndexDefs properties before calling RestructureTable method if it is necessary to add / edit / delete some fields or indexes.
Tha table should be active before modifying these structures.

NewEncrypted is a new value of the Encrypted property. If it is true, then you should specify a non empty NewPassword parameter, and if the table is currently encrypted the Password property should be set to the proper value.

NewPassword is a new value of the Password property. It is ignored if NewEncrypted parameter is false.

NewBLOBBlockSize is a new value of the BLOBBlockSize property.

NewBLOBCompression is a new value of the BLOBCompression property

If you need to change fields structure only, you can call RestructureTable method without parameters.

Restructuring process may take a long time if you work with a large table. You may set OnProgress event handler to provide the user with a feedback about the progress of the slow process.

RestructureTable rename field in case if the name of a new field cannot be found in existing fields and the type of old field with the same order is equal to the type of a new field.

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