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Sets the starting and ending values of a range, and applies it.

procedure SetRange(const StartValues, EndValues: array of const);

Call SetRange to specify a range and apply it to the dataset. StartValues indicates the field values that designate the first record in the range. EndValues indicates the field values that designate the last record in the range.

SetRange combines the functionality of SetRangeStart, SetRangeEnd, and ApplyRange in a single procedure call. SetRange performs the following functions:

1   Puts the dataset into dsSetKey state.  
2   Erases any previously specified starting range values and ending range values.  
3   Sets the start and end range values.  
4   Applies the range to the dataset.  

If either StartValues or EndValues has fewer elements than the number of fields in the current index, then the remaining entries are set to NULL.

Note:   SetRange works only on indexed fields.

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