SWREG® service in
association with Compuserve


SWREG® , in existence since 1987, is a unique service that was created to provide people the most convenient means possible of buying software on the web. SWREG® is the most advanced secure payment registration site on the web today and is very easy to use.

SWREG® is the official Compuserve shareware gateway (GO SWREG). That means that 1000s of Compuserve users now browse our Soft Shop each week so by using our service you share the positive experience of thousands Internet visitors.

Here are the key features

  • Realtime sales. We process most credit cards in realtime. We have facilities for people to pay us other ways especially when they do not wish to give their credit card over the Internet - i.e. we have worldwide toll free phone-back and toll free fax nodes in 15 countries.

  • We accept more forms of payment than most similar services. We are easy to order from: We accept Mastercard, Eurocard, VISA, Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, UK cheque, US check, Eurocheque, Postcheque, International Money Order, Bank wire, PayPal and Beenz.

  • If you do not have access to the Internet - we have toll free fax nodes and toll free phone nodes in at least 15 countries they can fax your orders to - you will be sent a template document to use once you have signed up.

  • Some people have Internet access but feel uneasy giving their credit card details online. Instead of giving their credit card they place the order but complete it by either printing out a form we display and adding their card number and faxing it toll free to us, or else using our Phone-Back service by entering their country and phone number and our system will call them straight back (or after a given delay) to collect the credit card number - 24 hours a day.

  • Online Pro-Forma invoices available where required by the customer to release funds in advance of receipt of product.

  • Multicurrency selling!

  • Product Fulfillment - we can supply, burn, print and mail CDs for only $10 worldwide.

You will feel safe knowing that the information you are entering into your SWREG® order form is secure - we don't just use ordinary 128-bit SSL but Stronghold for our secure server. You will also enjoy the ease of use that is inherent to the SWREG® system: you can browse the site, choose the products that you would like to purchase by adding them to your shopping cart, and check out at any time. After your order is completed, you immediately receive a confirmation page and a confirmation email which can be printed and saved as a receipt.



SWREG® is a registered trademark of Atlantic Coast PLC