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Import and Export

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There are two methods of importing data to Accuracer:
1) Using Accuracer utilities DBTransfer or Convert
2) Making your own converter

The first method can be used if your database can be accessed via BDE or ODBC (like Paradox, Interbase, Access, DBase and FoxPro, Oracle, SQLServer). Otherwise you can easily make your own converter.

Importing tables from BDE or ODBC

If you need to move data from the database that can be accessed via BDE or ODBC the better way is to use DBTransfer utility located in <Accuracer installation folder>\Utils\Bin\DBTransfer\.
You can select any existing Paradox or DBase (FoxPro) table and import it by the DBTransfer utility.
Also you can create any BDE or ODBC alias, run DBTransfer and import any tables from this alias.

Importing tables from EasyTable

Just run Convert utility and select existing EasyTable database file.

Importing tables from MySQL

See demo MySQLImport.

Importing tables from CSV (coma-separated values)

See demo CSVImport.

Importing tables from other database systems

If your database cannot be accessed via BDE or ODBC and it have no export utilities that can covert it to one of BDE-compatible formats then you have to make your own converter.

It is thery easy task if you can access the tables in Delphi, C++ Builder or Kylix:
- Create new application
- Create all necessary components for accessing your database
- Create TACRDatabase and TACRTable component, set Database name property of both components to the same value, like 'TestDB'
- Set DatabaseFileName property of TACRDatabase component to the existing database file, like 'c:\test.adb'. You can create database using either ACRManager utility or CreateDatabase method of TACRDatabase
- Create new converter procedure - open existing table in your database by table component (derived from TDataset), close Accuracer table (TACRTable.Close), set table name (TACRTable.TableName) and call import method of TACRTable with your table component (TACRTable.ImportTable)
See the Convert utility source code as an example.
<Accuracer installation folder>\Utils\Source\Convert\

If your database cannot be accessed by TDataset descendant component you can try to export it to SQL script or contact our Support Team.

Note:   If you have any problems during the migration process, contact our Technical Support Team - we will help as soon as possible.

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