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Client-Server Single-File Embedded Database for Delphi / C++Builder / Kylix

Migration from BDE

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The migration process is very simple:
Convert your data by DBTransfer Utility
Replace your TTable, TQuery, TSession and TDatabase comonents to TACRTable, TACRQuery, TACRSession and TACRDatabase components
3) Set DatabaseFileName property of TACRDatabase components to the path to database file instead of Alias / Directory.
4) Set Exclusive properties of TACRTable components to the same values as in TTable components
5) If you need to access database file only from single instance of the application (
single-user or multi-thread access), set Exclusive property of TACRDatabase to True.
6) Remove DBTables unit from uses clauses of your units. Otherwise your project will still require BDE.

There is no need in any other configurations.

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