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TACRBatchMove performs database operations on groups of records or entire tables.


Use a TACRBatchMove object to
·Add the records in a dataset to a database table.  
·Delete the records in a dataset from a database table.  
·Replace the records in a database table from the records in a dataset  
·Copy a dataset to create a new database table or overwrite an existing table.  

Set the Mode property to specify the desired operation. The Source and Destination properties indicate the datasets whose records are added, deleted, or copied. Other properties further specify how to perform the operation and how to handle problems that TACRBatchMove encounters when performing its operation. Once you have set properties to indicate what you want to do, call the Execute method to perform the actual operation.

Note:   TACRTable objects can also perform the same batch operations, but only using the options specified by the default TACRBatchMove property values.

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