MsgCommunicator: Delphi Instant Messaging (IM) SDK
for easy creation of custom messenger system


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MsgCommunicator works on TCP/IP network of any configuration. Your network can includes any known network devices and servers (routers, proxy-servers, firewalls, etc.)

MsgCommunicator uses UDP protocol for data exchange. Despite of UDP is connectionless unacknowledged protocol, MsgCommunicator allows connection-oriented acknowledged data exchange by datagram. MsgCommunicator includes special solutions for working on high-loaded networks and algorithms to minimize network loading. If you need support of any other protocol (including for other non-TCP/IP networks), please contact [email protected].

In case of firewalls are present in your network you should be sure that firewalls do not prevent packets exchange and, if it is needed, take usual actions (like you do for any other network service) to allow passing UDP packets from/to local/remote ports of your MsgCommunicator's clients and servers.

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