MsgCommunicator: Delphi Instant Messaging (IM) SDK
for easy creation of custom messenger system


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MsgCommunicator is a native Delphi / C++Builder software development kit which was specially designed for the easy creation of custom internet/intranet messenger systems like Mirabilis ICQ, AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM), Jabber, etc. with data compression and strong encryption as well as with other advanced networking technologies.

MsgCommunicator is based on client/server technology and allows sending and receiving binary buffers, streams, and string messages to any network client even it is not on-line at the moment.

You can easily speed up network messages exchange by reducing the size of data needed to send. MsgCommunicator compresses/decompresses data on the fly. The compression routines used in the MsgCommunicator are much faster than most of popular archivers like WinZip, WinRar, etc. MsgCommunicator enables you to select one of the three data compression algorithms (ZLib, BZip, PPM) and one of 9 compression modes for each to achieve necessary speed and compression ratio with data of any type.

MsgCommunicator supports encryption of the network traffic using any of 12 strong encryption algorithms with one of four encryption modes (CTS, CBC, CFB, OFB) by using a password as well as by an encryption key itself to protect your data.
MsgCommunicator has one of the best encryption functionality among all known messenger systems.

MsgCommunicator also provides messenger functionality to work with ContactList, UserInfo, Users Database etc. to enable you to build your IM application easily and quickly. You have no needs to think on how to store client and server data because all necessary features are already released in MsgClient and MsgServer visual components.

MsgCommunicator enables you to build custom messenger system as easily as it is possible: just place MsgClient component on the form, specify connection parameters (IP address and port of the server at least) and now you can send messages to any other client despite of is it on-line or not.

The MsgServer component allows you to build your own messages server to work at your internet server or in your private intranet.

To learn how to write with MsgCommunicator you can look at developer's summary or tour the Developer's Guide for details.

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