MsgCommunicator: Delphi Instant Messaging (IM) SDK
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Gets list of contacts of this client from all servers

procedure GetMyContactsList(var Contacts: TList);

Call GetMyContactsList to get full user contacts list of this client from all server which this client is connected to. GetMyContactsList gets session contact list if client is already connected to the server, in other case it sends command to the servers, waits for answers, then updates local contacts lists of this client. GetMyContactsList returns full contacts list which is an union of the contacts lists of this client from all servers it was connected to.
Each item in Contacts list is a PMsgUserInfo pointer to TMsgUserInfo record.

Note:If Client is connected, you can access actual local contacts list from primary connected server directly via TMsgClient.FDefaultSession.FContactsList as well as actual contacts list from any other server via TMsgClient.FSessions, but we highly recommend to use GetMyContactsList method for this purpose.  

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