MsgCommunicator: Delphi Instant Messaging (IM) SDK
for easy creation of custom messenger system


Gets user's details.

function GetUserInfo(UserID: Cardinal): TMsgUserInfo;

Call GetUserInfo to get detais of user whit ID equals to UserID. GetUserInfo sends command to the server, waits for an answer, and returns user's details in TMsgUserInfo record. If there is no registered user with UserID at the server which client is configured to work with, TMsgUserInfo.UserID will be equal to MSG_INVALID_USER_ID and TMsgUserInfo.UserName will be empty string. If user is not exist or is not connected to the server, TMsgUserInfo.Status is msgOffLine, TMsgUserInfo.Host is empty string, and TMsgUserInfo.Port is equal to 0.

If you need only to know is user with UserID registered on the server or not, you can call IsUserExisting.

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