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TMsgUserInfo type

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TMsgUserInfo contains user detais.



TMsgUserInfo = packed record
UserID:       Cardinal;
UserName:    ShortString;
FirstName:    ShortString;
LastName:    ShortString;
NickName:    ShortString;
Organization:    ShortString;
Department:    ShortString;
Status:       TMsgUserStatus;
Host:       ShortString;
Port:       Integer;
PMsgUserInfo = ^TMsgUserInfo;

TMsgUserInfoArray = array of TMsgUserInfo;

TMsgUserInfo type contains user detais.
UserID is an unique identifier of the user registered at this server.
Other fields contains user details and are not necessary to be defined.
If the user is not exist or is not connected to the server, Status is msgOffLine, Host is empty string, and Port is equal to 0.

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