EasyTable: Single-File Embedded Database,
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Setting up a table component
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The following steps are general instructions for setting up a table component at design time. There may be additional steps you need to tailor a table's properties to the requirements of your application.

To create a table component,
1.   Place EasyTable component from the EasyTable page of the Component palette in a data module or on a form, and set its Name property to a unique value appropriate to your application.  
2.   Specify database location by setting the DatabaseName or DatabaseFileName of the component to the name of the database to access.  
3.   Set the TableName property to the name of the table in the database. You can select tables from the drop-down list if the DatabaseName or DatabaseFileName property is already specified.  

To access the data encapsulated by a table component,
1.   Place a data source component from the Data Access page of the Component palette in the data module or form, and set its DataSet property to the name of the table component.  
2.   Place a data-aware control, such as TDBGrid, on a form, and set the control's DataSource property to the name of the data source component placed in the previous step.  
3.   Set the Active property of the table component to True.  

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