EasyTable: Single-File Embedded Database,
a BDE replacement for Delphi and C++Builder

Specifying a database location
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There are two ways to specify database location for TEasyTable component:
·You specify TEasyTable.DatabaseName property to the appropriate value of TEasyDatabase.DatabaseName property.  
·Set DatabaseFileName property to the name of the database file to access.  

To set the DatabaseName property,
1.Set the table's Active property to False if necessary.  
2.Set up the TEasyDatabase component.  
3.Select the name in the DatabaseName property from the drop-down list of available TEasyDatabase components.  

To set the DatabaseFileName property,
1. Set the DatabaseFileName to the name of database file.  

We recommend you to use DatabaseName property and TEasyDatabase component when you are going to create, delete, rename, repair, compact or encrypt database.
But in case you don't need operations with the whole database and work with existing database you may want to use TEasyTable.DatabaseFileName property to specify the database file directly.

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