EasyTable: Single-File Embedded BDE Replacement
Database for Delphi and C++Builder


Specifies if searching in EasyTable dataset with not applied filter will work like in BDE.

property BDELikeFilter: Boolean;

The property determines whether the FindFirst / FindNext / FindPrior / FindLast functions will search records in the not filtered dataset or they will move to records like First, Next, Prior, Last functions.

Set this property to True before calling FindFirst / FindNext / FindPrior / FindLast functions, if you will need to move record to first, next, prior or last positions in the not filtered dataset. This option can be used for improving compatibility with third-party db controls.

Set this property to False before call to FindXXX functions, if you would like to search record in the not filtered dataset with conditions specified by Filter and FilterOptions properties (may differs from filter conditions).

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