Accuracer: The First And Only BDE Alternative
Client-Server Single-File Embedded Database for Delphi / C++Builder / Kylix


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Now there are lots of various database systems for different platforms in the world.
In most cases we try to use our favorite database for all our projects, but sometimes we faces with the fact that it cannot suit our needs anymore. There are lots of reasons for that like lack of features, technical support or documentation, unreasonable cost, low performance, too much resource usage (RAM, CPU, disk space or just too large number of files), security holes, moving to another platofrm, etc.

This is a good time for migartion to other database system like our Accuracer.

How To Start

There are two main steps for migration:
1) Moving data to Accuracer
2) Updating projects and applications

We recommend to start with first one, as you will be able to test new database, examine the performance, check the database file compactness, make sure that all required functionality is supported, look at new feature set than can be used now before starting more complex part of this job - step 2.

We know that there are lots of database systems and development environments, so we will divide them on three separate groups:
1) BDE or ODBC
2) EasyTable
3) Other database systems and platforms

Note:   If you have any problems during the migration process, contact our Technical Support Team - we will help as soon as possible.

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