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Naming conventions

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SQL of Accuracer supports the most flexible way to name databases, tables and columns.

Table Name
Table name could be a single word or a multiple words. Multiple words name must be enclosed by single or double quotes, or brackets []. For example:

FROM  "Detail Parts"

You can also use correlation name:

FROM  [Detail Parts] DP

Column Name
Accuracer's SQL supports single-word and multiple-words cloumn names. Multiple words name must be enclosed by single or double quotes, or brackets []. Column names that duplicate SQL keywords are also supported.
For example:

SELECT  Orders.[Cust No]
FROM  Orders

You can also use short correlation name for columns:

SELECT  C.Name AS CustName
FROM  Customer C
WHERE CustName LIKE 'Bill%'

You can use comments in SQL quieries text to keep remarks or some useful information about the query.
Single-line comments should be started with '--' symbols:

-- This is a single-line comment

Another variant of comments is enclosing text into /* and */ symbols.
It can be used for temporarily removing of some query parts:

/* WHERE (Name = 'Mike') */


Reserved Words
Here is the list of words reserved by Accuracer's SQL Engine. Some of them are not really supported, but reserved for further implementations.


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