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Accuracer supports a subset of SQL'92 commands. It includes most widely used SQL statements for data manipulation and definition - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, DROP TABLE, CREATE INDEX, DROP INDEX. Accuracer contains native TACRQuery component that allows to run SQL commands and scripts in fast and easy way. Accuracer does not use any third party components or drivers. This approach allows to achieve high performance on most of SQL queries and makes distribution of applications very easy. No BDE, no dlls, no drivers needed.

For accessing in-memory tables specify MEMORY option before table name in any SQL statement.

You can run SQL Scripts by TACRQuery component - just assign script text to SQL property of TACRQuery.
SQL commands should be separated by semi-colon (
; ).

Supported SQL commands:
·SELECT Statement  
·INSERT Statement  
·UPDATE Statement  
·DELETE Statement  
·CREATE TABLE Statement  
·ALTER TABLE Statement  
·DROP TABLE Statement  
·CREATE INDEX Statement  
·DROP INDEX Statement  
·COMMIT Statement  
·ROLLBACK Statement  

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